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What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth, supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable. However, there are many denture designs, some of which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants. 

Dentin or dentine is a layer of material that lies immediately underneath the enamel of the tooth. It is one of the four major components of the tooth which comprises: The outer hard enamel.

Dentures are removable oral appliances that replace missing teeth. There are many types of dentures, including full, partial and implant-supported dentures. With proper care and maintenance, the average lifespan of a denture is seven to 10 years.

What are the benefits of denture?

  • Improved chewing function.
  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Improved speech function.
  • Dentures are easily maintained. Temporary dentures can be cleaned either inside or outside of the mouth and typically only require a rinse after meals. When you are not wearing your dentures, they can be easily stored in a glass of cool water. You should be sure to remove your dentures every night to allow your gums to rest and prevent soreness.
  • Better nutrition (due to improved chewing function).
  • Dentures provide a natural and confident appearance. They provide a cohesive look and provide you with a radiant smile. Dentures can even affect the appearance of your entire face. When you have missing teeth, your face can appear sunken in. Wearing dentures will help your face appear fuller and livelier.
  • Dentures are an excellent option, even if you don’t have the healthiest jaw, teeth, or gums. Other restorative methods, such as dental bridges and implants, require healthy teeth and strong bones.

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