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Dental Filling

What is dental filling?

Dental fillings are needed to restore the shape and stability of the tooth for ease of chewing and preventing further damage, decay and loss of the tooth. Dental fillings may be used in cases of:

  • Tooth decay, to fill holes that have formed in the enamel but have not affected the inner pulp of the teeth where the blood vessels and nerves are contained
  • Injured or broken teeth where enamel has chipped off potentially exposing the tooth to decay
  • To restore worn out or eroded teeth

What are the benefits of dental filling?

The key benefit of a dental filling is halting the progression of decay by repairing a damaged tooth and restoring its normal function and appearance.

Fillings are used to fix small areas of decay and they prevent further deterioration by providing a barrier against harmful bacteria.

A further benefit of  fillings is that while replacing the damaged portion of a tooth, they preserve most of the tooth structure.

A filling can usually be placed during a single visit to your dentist and is less costly than dental crowns, which are used to repair larger areas of decay.

Composite fillings are often applied to teeth that are badly-stained and discolored. Your teeth can become stained as a result of the things you consume like coffee and red wine. Bad habits like bruxism can also lead to your teeth losing their natural color

There are tiny holes that develop on your teeth that aren’t big enough to be considered cavities, but these holes tend to trap food particles and debris. Over time, these holes will eventually lead to tooth decay. Fortunately, they can be sealed with a composite filling.

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